Your guide to the best Vada Pavs in Mumbai

MumbaiBe it the dreams of becoming the actor or making it big in the business sector, Mumbai has given wings to many people coming here for over the years. But one thing that keeps them running and acts as the common thread between all of them is the world famous delicacy ‘Vada Pav’. It can be said that Mumbai runs on the spicy Vada Pav as it is filling, nutritious and light on pocket. If you stay in North India and have tasted the dish even once, you must be waiting to try it once again. If that’s the case, then book your Chandigarh to Mumbai flights now and travel to taste one of the most famous local dish in the city. Here are some of the best joints where you can get the delicious ‘Vada Pav’.

  • Ashok Vada Pav: Set up over 35 years ago, the stall is located nearMumbai 2 the Kirti College in Dadar. Although they serve only one kind of vada pav, people still throng the stall as the quality is of the best level and there haven’t been a single complaint against them in all these years. No wonder, celebrities like Jackie Shroff, Madhuri Dixit and Sushmita Sen have all visited the little stall to enjoy a delicious spread of Vada Pav. the stall remains open from 9:30 AM to 11 in the night and serves Vada Pav at just Rs 15 /pc.
  • Aaram Vada Pav: One of the oldest Vada Pav stalls in Mumbai, the joint was set up 70 years ago in the CST. You can gorge onto the tasty meal garnished with onions and fried chillis. The stall is quite famous and you can always see a huge rush around the stall waiting impatiently for their daily dose of Vada Pav. Alongside serving thousands of people daily, the elite list of customers also includes Balasaheb Thackeray and Rajiv Gandhi.
  • Graduate Vada Pav: Located near the Byculla railway station it’s said that the stall has never gone empty during the serving hours. A huge hit amongst the students, the stall acts as the meeting point for the youngsters. The USP of the place is the different types of chutneys that they offer with the Vada Pav i.e. Chilli, garlic and tamarind. Although the stall is there for more than 20 years now, the owners refuse to convert it into a shop as they think that it will deter their pace.
  • Gajanan Vada Pav: One of the most famous joints in Thane, Gajanan Vada Pav was established in 1978 to serve the people rushing to work. The joint serves the ‘original’ Vada Pav with an interesting mix of chutneys that has kept a loyal base of customers coming to the shop again and again.  Don’t forget to try the chutney made up of Besan and chilly being served with the hot and spicy Vada pav.
  • Jumbo King: One of the first Vada Pav chains in India, Jumbo King was inspired by the fast food chains like Burger King and McDonalds. Targeting the youth of India, Dheeraj Gupta started the first the Mumbai restaurant in 2001 and now has sold over 100 million vada pavs till now. Just like the other fast food chains, Jumbo King also serves Vada pav of different kinds i.e. Shezwan Jumboking and Veg Crispy Jumbo King.

With so many options to choose from, get ready to gorge onto the delicious Vada Pav in the historical lanes of Mumbai. Book your tickets on the Chandigarh to Mumbai flights right now so as to save yourself from the sudden surge of prices afterwards.

About the Author:

Weaving words to make shiny lexical ornaments, and giving voice to written expressions, is what Ravinder malik loves to do. An avid travel writer, as well as an enthusiast of gaining knowledge about what all lies shrouded in the world, Ravinder will literally take you places with her articles. From inquiring about a PNR status, to planning a sorted trip to watch the Northern Lights, she is always happy to help fellow enthusiasts.

In what Ways Telemarketing Derives Profit to your Business?

In this evBPO outsourcing Imagesolving business era, companies are leaving no stone unturned in gaining competitive advantage. Leading business professionals are setting strategic goals, adopting new technologies, techniques and making every attempts that paves the way for business success. Connecting with existing customers and outreachingwide audience are the most important aspectsfor your businessto fast-track the productivity level.For this, you requireprofessional approach that makes a prolific sense to your business productivity.


When it comes to increasing the sales pipeline, telemarketing acts as an effective arrangement. In this marketing practice, experienced telemarketers make direct call to the prospect and ask them to buy a product/ service. With the help of this marketing technique, you can turn your efforts into favorable outcome.

In this article, you will get to know the wayshow telemarketing is used to deliver more profitable results rather than other marketing options.

Appointment scheduling:The first and foremost step toget a business lead is setting appointment with the prospect. No matter whether you are selling insurance policies, mortgages, web solutions, or commercial lands; scheduling appointment with your prospectis the best way to present your solution to the interested prospect.A telemarketing agent contact prospects and ask them to for an appointmentwith your sales person. In fact, it is considered as an ideal opportunity to conduct a face-to-face session and discuss their requirements. In this meeting, sales executive of your company can explain the product/ servicebenefits in a way that it fulfills the requirement of that prospect. Outsourcing effective telemarketing services in Indiais the most potent solution to augment your sales production.

Lead generation:Lead generation is an important wayto use telemarketing that helps inderivingsales leads.Hiring experienced team of telemarketing agents is a fruitful decision to gear up your lead generation process. In this method, telemarketers call prospects over phoneandengage them in a way that they would show interest in the offerings that you are selling. These agents are highly skilled, expertise and well-versed with the product/ service knowledge. This technique will help your business to mitigate your cost per sale and cost per lead.

Market research: In telemarketing process, experienced agents conduct market surveys to examine customer’s interests or preferences. Performing market research and surveys is very useful in gaining insight about a customer. Through this, you will get to know about customer purchasing behavior. One of the most interesting fact about this approach is that you will be able to garner customer’s feedbacks. Furthermore, this will be helpful in designing strategic marketing campaign on the basis of customer analysis. In essence, it is the most effectivemarket strategy that derive profitability.

Data cleaning:On most occasions, dataresides in CRMs, accounting database and websitesis outmoded. With the help of telemarketing services, you can immediately contact prospects, clients or customers and update the records. If the contact is outdated, telemarketers eradicate it from the list. However, if some contacts found to be active, then telemarketing agents update the database. With the help of active database in place, contact centre agents start contacting on these numbers. They subsequently update pre-existing customers with the latest offers and discounts in order to establish a long-term relationship.

In short, telemarketing can be used as an effective marketing tool to outreach wide audience and improve sales growth.

Canadian Company lands in India with many job openings

Now those seeking a job have another tool. The Canadian company launched its newest version in India.

Neuvoo that has global knowledge in the field knows to look for a vacancy is one of the most stressful aspects of a candidate. Thus the Neuvoo optimized these job openings that are scattered on the internet so you do not miss out on search time. Therefore several job vacancies from various web-sites and companies are aggregated into a single portal, all to make life much easier candidates.

Neuvoo platform is newly arrived in India and already added more than 1000,000 Plus jobs available already and listed on our website from different companies. Neuvoo is basically a Google of free jobs.

Now it will not go more than a few minutes instead of hours searching the web for a job opening. Another distinguishing feature of Neuvoo is, in addition to thousands of jobs for you, no paperwork is required to apply, let alone having to pay to view the desired position.

You know you’re looking for a better job, looking for an internship job in a good company or simply your first job, you can find here: Neuvoo

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Carbon 60 Olive Oil Solution

The Prolongation of the Lifespan of Rats by Repeated Oral Administration of 60 Fullerene was published in the highly reputed and peer reviewed journal Biomaterials. According to the study, by feeding rats Carbon c60 oil dissolved in olive oil, the average lifespan of the subject may be increased by up to 90%. In its conclusion, the study states that “C60 should be the most efficient ever material for extending lifespan”.

How to Make Your Perfectmoney Account

You must have heard about perfectmoney and now there must be some planning in your head on how to make your own perfectmoney account and experience this modern economic method of spending cash and doing business. For opening an account do not go to a website opened by any other company or person in order to introduce people about perfectmoney but go to the official website of perfect money because the options and facilities you will have there, will not be there anywhere else. Google the websites and find the official website and browse it for finding the form to fill for opening an account.  Account opening is a serious process which is all related to money and your credit card at many stages. So, do not think of provisioning any information different than your actual genuine information especially reading your personal details and address.

Perfectmoney Account Needs Verification

Like any account linked to money transfer and transaction, your perfectmoney account also needs your authentic and working telephone number. Choose your cell number so as to receive instant verification messages from the company when you login in to your account. Often this happens when you login your account from a different device or from a different location. And also account verifying steps include verifying your telephone number. This is for the safety of your cash and account and that is why your account will not be opened to you or to anyone else – in case someone is trying to hack it – unless you write the verification code in the given space on the website.  

Fortified Security for Your Account

Many accounts that you open online suffice with a password and whenever you come to open the account, you write your username and password only to access your account. But on the website of perfectmoney the matter is different. To make the security of your account stronger, the website emails you a member ID.  Remember this member iD and whenever you come to open your account enter this ID also along with your password. After login, the website will send a PIN to your email that you have to enter at the end of all this process. The moment you enter the PIN, you get full access to your account.

Owning a Perfectmoney Account Has Many Perks

Now when you have perfectmoney account, you can send money or receive money and buy perfectmoney. The demand of perfectmoney is increasing and owning an account seems to be a profitable option for everyone concerned about his money matters. Bank transactions become secure and fast. Verifying your account has many benefits. You pay 2% transaction fees on an unverified account whereas this fee is deducted to half percent in a verified account.

Many people wonder how to exchange perfectmoney. This is an easy process there are many international companies that provide you easy exchange of your money. You have PayPal the top famous and trusted exchange company. So, find out more about perfectmoney advantages and account features. This information helps you make a more informed decision.

Given the hectic pace of modern life

Given the hectic pace of modern life, property hunting can be a real challenge if one has to go looking at buildings in different neighbourhoods. Imagine how much interest you can generate in properties by offering your clients access to a virtual medium that offers an up close view, almost as if they were seeing it in person. By offering 360° images of properties you are selling or renting out, you can offer your clients just that kind of flexibility by letting them look at potential homes or investments without having to set foot inside. When they do decide to visit a property, it is for all the right reasons. This also increases the number of options your clients can explore, thereby generating genuine interest in suitable properties.

The concept of Real Estate photography hosting has been around for some time now. However, the process of executing a 360° image used to be rather complicated and required professional precision. Well, not anymore. Today, your agency can create a real wow factor with 360°images using relatively inexpensive, albeit specialised, camera equipment.

Innovation is the best approach for enhancing your market share, and right now, 360° photography is an innovative concept. Eventually, the novelty will wear off and 360° photos will be commonplace. Now is the time to seize the moment and ride ahead of the curve. This will not only help in enhancing your customer base but also have vendors queuing up at your agency to have their properties listed with you. By putting up 360° images of properties online, you also expand the outreach of your property listings. A potential buyer sitting in a different geographical location can access these properties and close a deal with you, thus, giving you a definitive edge over your competitors who may be still operating locally.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. What could be a better way to present a property to a potential buyer than 360° images! Allowing your clients to size-up a property, look at it for as long as they like and revisit it as often as they want, through these images, stimulates their imagination. The freedom to assess a property without any pressure can motivate them to physically inspect it and close a deal.

Irrespective of our backgrounds, the need for property – be it a house, office, storage space – remains universal. However, managing a property can be frustrating when there is damage to take care of and no one to be held accountable. And then there are incidents of clients arranging appointments for inspections only to back out because the property is just not what they had in mind. You can change all of that by letting us create some stellar 360° images for your properties.

These images can be displayed online for a campaign over a few months, or permanently as a digital record of a properties condition from time to time, that choice is yours.

The demand for our service is huge, which we are very grateful for. We’ve built our service with the latest security and stability on one of the best web platforms available (thanks to our geeks in house). Get on board, we’ve made sure that the quality of the service remains just as good with 10 clients as it does with a million!


By Brunson Stafford
WBS Public Relations Founder

Manuka honey is made by bees that feed on the flowers of the manuka bush, also known as the “Tea Tree,” in New Zealand. In Australia, the tree used to make manuka honey is called the “Jellybush.” The finest-quality manuka honey, with the most potent antimicrobial properties, is produced from hives in wild, uncultivated areas. The honey is distinctively flavored, darker, and richer than other honey. The curative properties of honey have been known to indigenous cultures for thousands of years, and dressing wounds with honey was common before the advent of antibiotics. Today, manuka honey is used in many industries, including the fashion industry.

New Zealand’s Maori were the first people to identify the healing properties of manuka, and some of their remedies and tonics are still used today. In recent tests conducted at Sydney University’s School of Molecular and Microbial Biosciences, manuka honey killed every type of bacteria, including antibiotic-resistant “superbugs.”

The antibacterial properties of honey occur as a result of two activities. First, there is hydrogen peroxide, which is found in all honeys, including manuka. An enzyme in honey called “glucose oxidase” triggers this activity. Initially, bees added this enzyme to pollen in order to turn the pollen into honey. This enzyme breaks down the glucose into gluconic acid and hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is a disinfectant that has been used in the medical field for years. Unfortunately, it is unstable in the presence of air and light, making it difficult to store and use. However, in honey it is stable and released little by little, which makes it easier to store and use.

The second of these two activities is the non-peroxide activity (NPA).Manuka honey has been shown to contain something else that leads to an antibacterial effect, non-peroxide activity, which is not found in all honeys.

Honey is ranked based on the amount of this antimicrobial agent it contains. There are three ways of grading manuka honey, and all of them attempt to reflect the quality of honey by measuring its antibacterial properties: UMF, MGO, and A (Active).

1) UMF (Unique Manuka Factor, trademarked in New Zealand) refers to the non-peroxide activity in honey. UMF ranges from 10 to 25, the higher the rating, the more potent and, of course, the more expensive the honey.

2) MGO (Methylglyoxal) is a toxic compound that is found in high concentrations in manuka honey (up to 1,000 times greater than in other honey, according to German researchers), and it is considered to give manuka its antiseptic edge. Professor Thomas Henle of the University of Dresden, Germany discovered MGO in 2008. He determined that methylglyoxal gives Manuka honey its unique antibacterial properties.Dietary Methylglyoxal is resistant to heat, body fluids, light, and enzymatic activity, and it is thus considered quite stable. This is why this compound found in manuka honey can be considered superior to the glucose oxidase enzyme, which is found in all honeys, creating the hydrogen peroxide antibacterial activity.

3) The best way to express the quality of manuka honey is by using the grade A or “Active” manuka. It expresses the existence of antibacterial activity, either peroxide or non-peroxide activity, or even both of them.

Not all manuka honey has peroxide activity, and not all manuka honey has non-peroxide activity. There are some manuka honeys that have both, but some have little or none. Manuka honey is also influenced by seasonal variation, with both types of activity being individually either present or absent in any particular honey season.

The Active grade is used more in the USA and Canada. The producers who use Active grade, followed by a number, also take into consideration some other factors that define a honey’s quality: live enzymes, pollen count, chemical/residue analysis, antioxidant levels, the raw status or unpasteurisation process, and various other photochemical factors found in manuka honey.

What also makes manuka honey different is its amazing nutritional profile. Regular raw honey is already known for its tremendous nutritional and immune boosting abilities. Generally speaking, typical raw, unfiltered honey is a rich source of amino acids, B vitamins (B6, thiamin, niacin, riboflavin, pantothenic acid), calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, sodium and zinc. With manuka honey, the nutritional content is up to four times that of other flower honeys.

Manuka honey’s health benefits have been touted in the natural health world for a long time, and even more so in recent years because a growing body of research is starting to support thousands of years of folk medicine use. Some of the uses for manuka honey include:

1. SIBO, Low Stomach Acid, Acid Reflux

Small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), low stomach acid, and acid reflux go hand-in-hand. Because of manuka honey’s known natural antibiotic qualities, it is a great medicine for any bacteria-related disorder. In fact, in a recent study, one dangerous bacterium was related to all three conditions. For example, the bacteria Clostridium was found to be quite susceptible to manuka honey’s antibacterial effects. Thus, taking manuka honey is quite beneficial in reducing acid reflux, balancing your digestive system, and generally healing stomach and intestinal imbalances.

2. Acne and Eczema

Manuka honey has shown great results in treating acne and eczema. Taking into account its proven antimicrobial and healing properties, it makes sense to assume that honey can help with these skin conditions. Most people claim that applying honey on affected areas for a few minutes and then washing it off with gentle soap and water usually does the trick.

3. MRSA, a Type of Staph Infection

You’ve probably heard of the superbug that has plagued hospitals the past several years: methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (or MRSA). Evidentially, antibiotic overuse and drug ineffectiveness has caused certain strains of Staph to become virtually indefensible using typical hospital and nursing home medical protocols. MRSA spreads so rapidly that most people affected by it end up getting so infected that they require invasive procedures or devices such as surgeries, artificial joints, or intravenoustubing to save their lives.

Scientists have discovered that manuka honey down-regulates the most potent genes of the MRSA bacteria. Some scientists now suggest that regular topical use of manuka on cuts and infections (especially in hospital and nursing home settings) may keep MRSA naturally at bay. EDITOR’S NOTE: What do you mean “at bay?” Does it cure the infection or merely keep it from spreading? Are you being vague intentionally?

4. Burns, Wounds, and Ulcers

According to a recent article in the Jundishapur Journal of Natural Pharmaceutical Products, “The use of honey leads to improved wound healing in acute cases, pain relief in burn patients, and decreased inflammatory response in such patients.”

Moreover, because of its rich antioxidant, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory characteristics, manuka honey has been shown to prevent infection in people with venous ulcers. It has also been used quite effectively as a wound dressing to promote rapid, improved healing.

5. Tooth Decay and Gingivitis

Several studies have come out recently describing how manuka honey can help cure gingivitis and periodontal disease. Due to its superior antimicrobial properties, researchers from the School of Dentistry, University of Otago (Dunedin, New Zealand) discovered that chewing or sucking on a manuka honey product not only caused a 35% decrease in plaque, it led to a 35% reduction in bleeding sites in people suffering from gingivitis.

6. Irritable Bowl Syndrome

When evaluating the effect that manuka honey has on experimentally induced inflammatory bowel disease in rats, researchers from Chandigarh Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research discovered that all the treated groups showed reduced colonic inflammation. Manuka honey not only healed intestinal inflammation and pain, but it also repaired free radical damage and protected against further damage.

7. Sore Throats and Immunity

Data published in the Journal of Leukocyte Biology suggested that manuka honey stimulates the immune cells that stop the growth of sore throat-causing Strep bacteria. It is no wonder that so many people benefit almost instantly from taking a spoonful of manuka honey when they don’t feel well. The National Cancer Institute recently approved manuka honey to be used to heal inflammation in the throat from chemotherapy.

8. Allergies and Sinusitis

There are many anecdotal accounts of people receiving allergy relief after eating honey. In recent studies, honey was found to kill the bacteria that cause chronic sinusitis. So, taking manuka honey on a regular basis can really help your seasonal allergies and lessen your need for medications.

9. Beauty Treatment and Health Booster

Taken daily, honey has an elixir effect that boosts energy and enhances quality of life. Because of its nutrient dense profile, it boosts vitality and youthful energy, and it has been known to improve skin tone and texture. It can be used in a homemade face wash to exfoliate and fight free radicals in the skin; as a shampoo or a hair mask to boost the shine of your hair; and as a detoxification drink to get the most benefits inside and out.

10. Improves Sleep

Manuka honey helps to promote restful deep sleep. It slowly releases the glycogen needed for essential bodily functions during sleep. Adding honey to milk at bedtime helps the body release melatonin into the brain, which is necessary for deep sleep.

There are many health disorders associated with poor sleep, such as heart disease, type II diabetes, stroke, and arthritis. Since honey is proven to aid in quality sleep, it also helps lower the risk of these and many other heath problems.

11. All-Natural Mood Booster

Forget the chemical-laden energy drinks. Manuka is made of pure carbohydrates such as glucose and fructose, which can support your body with short-term energy boosts. Adding it to your morning lemon water or tea, coupled with a healthy breakfast of protein and whole grains, can increase and support your energy levels.

The health and beauty benefits of manuka honey make this wonder food a serious must-buy. But a word of caution: make sure you’re getting the real deal. Proper manuka honey comes from New Zealand, and it will have a UMF (Unique Manuka Factor) rating of 10+ or more on its label. Cheaper imitations are likely to be less effective. Remember to read the labels properly and choose the best for your needs.

Brunson Stafford is the Founder And CEO / Director of Public Relations at WBS.

Please visit Brunson Stafford on his websites, or social media

FUNKY SUNGLASSES—The accessory that’s always been practical and fashionable

By Brunson Stafford
WBS Public Relations Founder

The earliest historical reference to sunglasses dates back to ancient China and Rome. The Roman Emperor Nero watched gladiator fights through polished gems. In China, sunglasses were used in the twelfth century, or possibly earlier. These sunglasses were made using lenses that were flat panes of smoky quartz. They offered no corrective powers nor did they protect from harmful UV rays, but they did protect the eyes from glare.

In prehistoric and historic time, various Eskimo tribes wore flattened walrus ivory “glasses,” which meant looking through narrow slits to block harmful reflected rays of the sun.

Modern civilization began experimenting with tinted lenses in spectacles around 1752. It was believed that blue or green-tinted glass could potentially correct specific vision impairments. Protection from the sun’s rays was not a concern at this time. Glasses tinted with yellow-amber and brown were also commonly prescribed for people with syphilis in the nineteenth and early twentieth century because one of the symptoms of the disease was sensitivity to light.

In the early 1900s, sunglasses became more widespread, especially among movie stars. Famous actresses used shades to avoid recognition by fans and paparazzi, but also because they often had red eyes from the powerful arc lamps that were used with slow speed film stocks.

The 1920s and 1930s brought about the mainstream use of sunglasses. Sam Foster introduced inexpensive mass-produced sunglasses in 1929, finding ready consumers on the beaches of Atlantic City, N.J. Polarized sunglasses hit the market in 1936 after Edwin H. Land experimented with making lenses using his patented Polaroid filter. In 1938, Life magazine called sunglasses a “New fad for wear on city streets…a favorite affectation of thousands of women all over the U.S.” It stated that 20 million pairs of sunglasses were sold in the United States in 1937, but estimated that only about 25% of American wearers actually needed them to protect their eyes

The cat eye style of sunglasses swept in during the 50s, with Marilyn Monroe notably rocking the look of the times. The trend made its way into Breakfast at Tiffany’s in 1961, making Audrey Hepburn and Holly Golightly style icons for years to come.

The 1960s also brought about the big, bold look in sunglasses. Along with the decade’s tie-dye, flared jeans, and mod patterns came huge, bug-eyed sunglasses in both circle and square shapes. Former First Lady and fashion icon Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was known to rock these statement shades.
The “Flower Child” style of sunglasses emerged in the 1970s. The laid-back vibe of the 70s included all different kinds of sunglasses—big, plastic, wire, and even rimless frames were in style. Fading lenses also became fashionable, as worn by Diane Keaton in Annie Hall and Jane Fonda in Klute.

Perhaps one of the most fun decades of fashion, the 1980s, allowed women to get even louder with their glasses. Teased hair and leg warmers went with eccentric sunglasses in colorful, plastic frames. Princess Diana often opted for big, white sunglasses, while Molly Ringwald wore a bright red pair in Pretty in Pink. Then in the 1990s, tiny, wire frame sunglasses became popular, as worn by singer Britney Spears and the female stars of sitcoms such as Friends and Seinfeld.

Today, sunglasses remain an ever-changing, multimillion dollar industry. Including frames, sunglasses, and contact lenses, the total industry is worth roughly $90 billion, and it is projected to hit $140 billion by 2020. Of this market, sunglasses represent 40% of total purchases. For the sunglasses industry, branding has been critical for success. The ability of a company selling sunglasses to effectively market itself and articulate its value proposition to its prospective customers is critical for sales. Branding is often the determining factor, and it can make the difference between a company’s success or failure. Companies that brand effectively can achieve success and even dominance in the industry. While branding is important for public relations and marketing and sales for most companies, it can have a huge impact in the sunglasses industry.

In an age of growing technology, sunglass quality and innovation is becoming crucial for the industry. Branding is only valuable if it maintains the integrity of the company by only projecting true facts. Branding without quality might help you make initial sales, but when people realize your quality is low they will stop buying your products. Quality sunglasses need to be durable and promote healthy vision.
Branding is critical for sunglass companies. With so many companies providing a similar product and value proposition, often what distinguishes one from another is the ability to sell itself. One company dominates the industry and is able to charge ridiculous prices for sunglasses just because their product bears a sticker with their name. This company is a large part of why frames can cost upwards of $500, even though the product itself costs $25 to manufacture. How are they able to charge so much with such high margins? The answer is monopoly. Most sunglasses are manufactured by the same company: Luxottica. Headquartered in Italy, this company creates sunglasses and frames for Prada, Dolce &Gabbana, Tiffany, Versace, Oakley, and a variety of other vendors.

Companies such as Oliver Peoples, Ray Ban, and Chanel are able to charge so much for a simple pair of sunglasses because people are buying the brand name. When people trust a brand and see it as valuable, they will desire products with that brand. By building a strong brand, Luxxottica has been able to expand out of the sunglasses industry and into technology. The company now makes Google Glass, which is expected to become increasingly popular in 2016. Currently, over 500 million people around the globe wear glasses made by Luxottica. Brand dominance has earned the company 80% control of major sunglasses brands, which is part of a total $28 billion eyeglasses industry. Needless to say, the company’s profits are tremendous. Because the company has control over so many different chains, it is able to set whatever price it wants.

While Luxottica owns a majority of the market, Safilo Group trails behind as a distant second. This company holds licenses for Fendi, Celine, Dior, and Marc Jacobs, and it earned $1.33 billion in revenue this past year, which is a mere fraction of Luxottica. On the tail end of the spectrum are De Rigo, Marchon Eyewear, and Marcolin, holding licenses with Calvin Klein, Chloe, Salvatore Ferragamo, and Valentino. However, all of the other eyewear producers combined don’t add up to the revenue that Luxuttica brings in annually.

For the sunglasses industry, fashion is huge. The appearance of sunglasses can greatly impact sales and revenue for the company. The style and look of the sunglasses play a large role in whether a customer will purchase them, but sunglasses are more than just decoration for your face. Buying proper sunglasses can mean protecting your eyes versus the risk of sun damage. In fact, sunglasses without proper protection can cause cataracts and skin cancer on the eyelids.

By maintaining high quality products and consistently standing behind their brand, companies are able to succeed in their related industries. Given the similarity in materials and the relative simplicity of the products, brand marketing has an enormous impact on consumer evaluation of the products. Learning from this, we must know how to emphasize our own company brands, in order to use them as tools to gain new clients.

Brunson Stafford is the Founder And CEO / Director of Public Relations at WBS.

Please visit Brunson Stafford on his websites, or social media

Campbell Investments Announces New Partners and Growth Initiatives –

The Board of Managers of Campbell Investments Limited – Private Wealth Management, an independent and privately owned Registered Investment Advisory firm, formally announced today the addition of new equity partners, SethMayer and NicholasJacobson, along with an equity investment by Fiduciary State Fund, an investment firm specializing in providing passive capital. Maxwell Shultz has been appointed Senior Chief Investment Officer and Elizabeth Applegate Chief Operations Officer.

“It is exciting that we have the long term succession of our practice firmly in place to ensure intergenerational wealth advice for our clients”

“We are excited to have admitted two additional partners and to have completed our alignment with Fiduciary State Fund, a key strategic partner who will enhance the future growth of the firm,” said Michael Moss, Managing Director.

“The transaction with Campbell was structured to allow the founders to make other equity partners and strategic acquisitions in order to grow the business, while maintaining independent control of the firm,” according to Matthew Burton – Fiduciary Fund Managing Partner.

About Campbell Investments Limited

Campbell Investments is a Registered Investment Advisor, structured from its inception as a completely independent and privately owned boutique investment and wealth management council.

We offer bespoke highly personalized, discretionary wealth management and advisory services to a limited international clientele.


Ronald Bennet

Representative Client & Public Relations

Campbell Investments Limited

The Mall, East Sheen, London, SW14 7EN, United Kingdom

+44 (0) 2037 694866



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